Fast Kanji Quiz for Junior High School
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What is "Fast Kanji Quiz for Junior High School"?

Fast Kanji Quiz for Junior High School is a web application game to guess the reading of kanji learned in Junior High School from 4 choices.

Let's take a quiz on all 1110 kanji learned in junior high school.

There are a total of 1110 kanji learned in junior high school.

The quiz will ask you to guess the reading of each kanji one after the other.

You can choose from four options, so you can easily learn the kanji you will learn in junior high school without worrying too much.

Enjoy learning all 1110 kanji characters of junior high school through 4 quiz courses!

In the "Kanji Quiz for Junior High School," all 1110 kanji learned in junior high school are randomly presented as quizzes, and we have divided the course into four different courses to make it easier for you to do so.

Beginners' 10 Kanji Course

The first course is for beginners, and you will be given 10 kanji that you will learn in junior high school.

Intermediate 30 Kanji Course

This course includes 20 Kanji quiz questions from junior high school.

Advanced 100 Kanji Course

In the advanced course, you will be quizzed on 30 Kanji characters, which is 10 more than in the intermediate course. The quizzes will be given in a large number, so it is recommended that you become familiar with junior high school kanji to some extent before attempting the quizzes.

all 1110 kanji Quiz Course

Finally, we have prepared a quiz course in which all 1110 kanji learned in junior high school will be tested.

Please try to answer all the questions correctly and become a K1 Kanji master.

If you use the quiz course in class, please give your teachers and guardians lots of praise even if you don't answer all the questions correctly, as long as you can make it through to the end.

Participate in the National Ranking of Junior High School Kanji!

In the "Kanji Quiz for Junior High School," all four courses have a national ranking function.

The ranking is determined by how many Junior High School kanji you correctly answer in the quiz and how quickly you clear the course.

Please try to get the number one ranking in Japan!

Mixed, Hiragana, Katakana, and English are supported.

In "Kanji Quiz for Junior High School", you can choose one of four readings to answer the Kanji quiz.

In particular, the mixed option can be used to distinguish between on-yomi and kun-yomi, which we think will be more useful for Junior High School learning the kanji.

Please note that when there are many readings, the font size will be a little smaller.

In addition, this application is also available in English so that it can be useful for foreigners to learn Japanese. Furthermore, the national ranking mentioned above is actually open to the whole world, so if you get the No. 1 ranking, you may say you are No. 1 in the world.

Let's look back and review Junior High School Kanji characters.

The "Kanji Quiz for Junior High School" has a "Look Back" function that allows you to review the questions after you have completed each kanji quiz course.

If you make a mistake in this kanji, or wonder what the reading was, you can look back to see if you made a mistake. By looking back, you can repeat your study and learn how to read K1 Kanji more easily.

Let's make a study record of Junior High School kanji on My Page.

On the "My Page" of "Kanji Quiz for Junior High School", you can check your play history of all K1 Kanji quizzes.

You can also see your best time for each course, the number of correct answers to each quiz, and other information, so you can use this page as a record of your study of Junior High School Kanji.

We hope you will make good use of My Page to learn Junior High School Kanji.

That's all for now, thank you very much for your kind attention to "Kanji Quiz for Junior High School".

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